Geralyn Ochab - Advisor

Geralyn Ochab

CEO Augmentation Services
Raising Capital
Strategic Operations

As a visionary executive and strategic advisor, Geralyn Ochab excels at revitalizing underperforming businesses and propelling rapid growth by leveraging expertise in leadership & team development, process refinement, and technology integration. Delivering results-driven solutions that drive business optimization and accelerated growth.

With a proven track record in product commercialization, fundraising, turnarounds, and Mergers & Acquisitions, she excels in building robust partnerships and fostering key stakeholder relationships through dynamic communication and client-focused thinking. An unique ability to distill complex ideas into actionable opportunities enables her clients to prioritize key decisions and focus on outcomes that drive business growth through data-driven insights.

Augmentr Studio is a forward-thinking advisory firm born out of a passion to empower businesses at every stage of their growth journey. We recognize that each stage presents unique challenges and opportunities, requiring tailored strategies, fresh perspectives, and a growth-oriented mindset.
Our expert advisory solutions help CEOs and businesses level up by identifying and prioritizing key decisions and initiatives, filling strategic gaps to drive success, and achieving goals with ease and confidence. Our comprehensive services include investment readiness assessments, operational efficiency optimization, and strategic growth planning and execution.

Augmentr is dedicated to helping businesses thrive at every stage, empowering them to reach new heights.

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