Gary Breininger - Advisor

Gary Breininger

Strategic Business Growth Planning & Execution
Execution Mastery
Leadership Team Health

Gary helps CEO’s, Business Owners and their leadership teams strategically guide and grow their organization to the next level of success with greater clarity, focus and confidence.

He does this by helping clients implement a simple framework of time-tested strategies, tools and skills that’s always customized to meet the unique needs of their organization.

This result is a business that becomes a well-oiled machine that achieves above industry average performance: fueled by a culture of trust, accountability and inspiration where everyone’s aligned and moving in the same direction.

“Gary’s work with us has been an unqualified success. He restructured our quarterly and annual business planning meetings, created a cadence of accountability throughout the company, taught our SLT to communicate more effectively with each other and our respective team members, and drove home the importance of creating a more motivated, engaged and aligned culture.”
– Warren Osak, CEO/Founder – Electromate

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