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Gilles Rochefort

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Gilles discovered early in his over 40-year career in Management Consulting and as a senior learning & development executive that ‘managing the people part’ is often the most difficult and most important aspect of any organization. He researched the value of management coaching and how it might be more accurately defined, measured, and applied. His research led him to successfully test empirically his coaching methodology and assessments (PMC) with several international firms.

In 2000, he published ‘Tales from the Playing Field – a new strategy for Business Management Coaching’ (Woodley & Watts, 2000) and launched Personalized Management Coaching (PMC). He has since licensed the rights to the model and assessments to other consultants.

Today, PMC assessments support consultants in the Americas, the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. The goal is to improve engagement, retention, development, and succession.

The PMC Management Coaching Assessment program is one of the best programs that we have implemented. We had been talking about effective coaching and providing skills based training for our managers and supervisors for a few years with limited success. It wasn’t until we started measuring the effectiveness through the PMC program that we truly started to get traction. The beauty of the program lies in three areas. It gives our managers direct feedback from the ones best equipped to critique their coaching effectiveness – their staff. It clearly articulates what a good coach is, covering six key areas. Finally, the program raises accountabilities by measuring individual’s effectiveness – it shows without a doubt the commitment of the organization towards coaching expectations.
– Vice-President, Corporate Express (Staples), Armtec Ltd.

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