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Kim Chernecki

Founder & Chief Advisor

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Hi I’m Kim,
Clients know me for my defining strengths as a connector leveraging my extensive network; and partnering with business leaders to support them in solving problems. I’m passionate about empowering leaders to tap into their defining strengths so they can be at the top of their game in all they do.

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with over 2000 CEOs and executives as a consultant, facilitator, and coach. Consulting with leaders and teams of Fortune 1000 organizations, I developed partnerships across all lines of business at organizations like BMO, Manulife, and Sunlife as well as 40 other organizations across multiple industries in the area of sales effectiveness.

For the last 12 years, I shifted to working with CEOs and executives who decided to leave the corporate world to build thriving independent consulting practices. This was my focus in my own coaching practice, as well as a senior consultant with LHH Knightsbridge and The Talent Company human capital firms.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve had the honour to work with MacKay CEO Forums and their community of 1200 CEOs, executives, and peer group Chairs in over 100 peer groups.

Throughout this time, I’ve had the privilege of building a powerful and vetted roster of “top of their game” Advisors.

I’ve experienced and helped solve countless business problems with my finger on the pulse of what’s most important in our constantly evolving business landscape.

My experience has inspired me to launch CEO Performance Advisors, where I leverage my unique strengths and experience to work with CEOs as a Trusted Partner to provide all the resources they need to be top of their game in all aspects of their role and organization.

Our Advisors

Oliver Baezner - Advisor

Oliver Baezner

Strategy-Find your North Star
Culture-How Things are Done
Change-Make the Shift

Brett Bourgon - Adviosr

Brett Bourgon

Fractional CFO Services
Finance Team Development Consultant
Jacquie Chapman - Advisor

Jacquie Chapman

CEO Performance Coaching
Leadership Competency & Succession Planning
Org & Team Effectiveness

Katherine Gougeon - advisor

Katherine Gougeon

Brand Positioning
Strategic Communications Advertising 

Vanessa Judelman - Advisor

Vanessa Judelman

Leadership development
Team Coaching
CEO & C-Suite Coaching

Tim Magwood - Advisor

Tim Magwood

Organizational Culture 
Leadership Development 
Well-being Vitality Squads 

Geralyn Ochab - Advisor

Geralyn Ochab

CEO Augmentation Services
Raising Capital
Strategic Operations

Sabita Singh - Advisor

Sabita Singh

LinkedIn Profile Writing
Advanced Lead Generation
Corporate LinkedIn Training

Andrea Wojnicki - Advisor

Andrea Wojnicki

Executive Communication
Formal Presentation Skills
Personal Branding

Sarah Beech - Advisor

Sarah Beech

Brand Strategy
Social Impact

Gary Breininger - Advisor

Gary Breininger

Business Strategy & Growth
Execution Mastery
Leadership Team Health

Kelly Davies - Advisor

Kelly Davies

Executive Coaching
Leadership Development 
Leader & Team Facilitation

Allison Graham - Advisor

Allison Graham

Workplace Resilience
Strategic Problem Solving
Performance without Burnout

Teresa Kruze - Advisor

Teresa Kruze

Media & Comms Strategy 
Strategic Government Insight
Corporate Video Production

Chris McGirr - advisors

Chris McGirr

CEO & C-Suite Coaching
Leadership Assessments
Team Dynamics

Victoria Rivera

Chief Wellness Officer Services
Workplace Wellness
Jimmy Timm - Advisor

Jimmy Timm

Business Strategy
Supply Chain Optimization Process Improvement

Adele Blair - Advisor

Adele Blair

Fractional Chief of Staff
Clarifying Priorities
Systemizing Operations
Guiding Strategy

Sangeeta Breininger - Advisor

Sangeeta Breininger

Leadership Growth Coach
Executive Coaching

Lori-Ann Duguay - Advisor

Lori-Ann Duguay

Workplace Culture 
Employee Engagement
Conflict Resolution

Ogho Ikhalo - Advisor

Ogho Ikhalo

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Strategic Communications 
Human Rights Advocate

Guy Langevin - Advisor

Guy Langevin

Executive & Growth Coaching
Fractional Operations & IT Executive
Governance Training & Coaching

Jillian McLaughlin - Advisor

Jillian McLaughlin

Emotional Intelligence/DiSC Assessments
Leadership Training
 Coaching & Training

Gilles Rochefort - Advisor

Gilles Rochefort

Developing Coaching Culture
Coaching Assessments  
Leader/Manager Relationships

Joanne Trotta

Joanne Trotta

Leadership Development
Change Management
Leadership Assessments

James Bonar - Advisor

James Bonar

Leadership Development Trusted Sounding Board  & Coach to CEOs and Boards

Shawn Casemore - Advisor

Shawn Casemore

Sales Strategy
Sales Training
Sales Coaching

Michael Ehling - Advisor

Michael Ehling

Aligning Leadership Teams
to Navigate Stages of Growth
Organizational Health

Louisa Jewell - Advisor

Louisa Jewell

Well Being at Work
Leadership Coaching
Resilience Building

Gerry Lalonde - Advisor

Gerry Lalonde

Growing Business Value
Exit Planning
Fractional CFO

Monique Moran - Advisor

Monique Moran

Customer & Revenue Growth
Partnership Growth
Go-to-Market Strategy

Kimberly Shaw - Advisor

Kimberly Shaw

Organizational Change
Business Transformation
DEIAB Enablement

Mary Whittle - Advisor

Mary Whittle

ESG Strategy
Sustainability Workshops for
Leaders & Boards

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