Guy Langevin - Advisor

Guy Langevin

Executive & Growth Coaching
Fractional Operations & IT Executive
Governance Training & Coaching

For more than 30 years, Guy has held diverse executive roles (including CEO, CIO, COO, among others) in both private and public sectors. He has led teams ranging from a few dozen to over 2000 employees across three continents. Guy excels in swiftly analyzing complex organizations, identifying key risks and success factors, and developing and communicating strategies using easily applicable models.

With extensive international experience spanning manufacturing, supply chain, operations, retail, cybersecurity, information technology, telecommunications, and finance sectors, Guy possesses a unique ability to integrate diverse domains to achieve outstanding results. He holds the Chartered Director (C.Dir.) designation and has over 20 years serving on various boards.

Guy is also a Certified Corporate Coach, recognized for his extensive business coaching experience.
For several years, Guy has been dedicated to enhancing governance within organizations. He provides governance, leadership, AI, and cybersecurity training, and offers coaching and guidance to boards, directors, executives, and emerging leaders. In addition to coaching, he offers fractional executive services to support the development of future executives and facilitate their full potential.

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