Jillian McLaughlin - Advisor

Jillian McLaughlin

Emotional Intelligence/DiSC Assessments
Leadership Training &  Coaching 

Jillian is a passionate and dynamic certified EQ-based leadership coach, trainer, and speaker. She has worked extensively with both proven and emerging leaders to harness the skills of Emotional Intelligence to create engaging work environments, establish authentic relationships, build socially invested teams and deliver business results.

Gifted in building and inspiring teams, Jillian founded McLaughlin Mentoring and her EI work following an award-winning almost 20-year management career at Unilever and Sun Products/Henkel, steering marketing, and business strategy for iconic brands like Dove, Sunsilk, and Sunlight. She guards these early-career management experiences as essential to her coaching and training success; they grant her an ability to empathize with the broad, pressure-packed dynamics of her clients’ leadership challenges.

Jillian is certified in the EQ-i by Multi-Health Systems, DISC by Take Flight Learning and in Group Coaching by The Roundtable and has just received the TEC Canada 2002 Rookie of the year award for her EQ workshops.

“Intuitive, concise and applicable; that’s the mentoring style with which Jillian engages each client. Whether offering timely skill adjustments to a senior leader’s delivery of an empathic response to a customer’s concern or working tirelessly to guide a working-mother in transition make a critical decision Jillian is a tour-de-force for forward positive change.”
– Bob Anderson, M.Ed, Founder, 1Hero Sports, LLC and Leading Challenges, LLC

“Easily one of the best trainings I’ve been a part of, with strong insights, action plans, and a ton of fun! Jillian was engaging, highly knowledgeable and passionate. The workshop provided a better understanding myself, how others perceive me, and how to understand my colleagues, which has helped me foster an even stronger team dynamic”.
– Carla Malin, MBA Red Bull NA | Vice President Product & Shopper Marketing


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