Kimberly Shaw - Advisor

Kimberly Shaw

Organizational Change
Business Transformation
DEIAB Enablement

Kimberly leads and manages multiple people, process and system transformation initiatives in public and private sector organizations. Her focus is on human-centered, positive change that is focused on improving people capability and performance. Her initiatives are completed to shared success and with high levels of change readiness and adoption. With commitment to realizing change benefit in high-value, high-priority transformation programs, she leverages strong engagement, communication, learning and collaboration. A champion of building strong change and value networks, Kimberly optimizes and strengthens culture, improves corporate outcomes, actions strategic objectives, and generates meaningful and measurable organizational and operational change.

“If you’re looking to shift your corporate culture or are embarking on a change journey, you can rely on Kimberly to guide you and your team through it. Be upfront with your objectives from the start and trust the process. You’ll get where you were heading.”
– Marc Normandeau, Senior Director, Payment Solutions & Policy at Bank of Canada

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