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Louisa Jewell

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Louisa stands out as a best-selling author, positive leadership coach and well-being educator, renowned for her expertise in the science of happiness and its application to workplace well-being. Her approach is grounded in evidence-based strategies and practical tools that deliver results. Holding a master’s degree in applied positive psychology from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, home of the Wharton School of Business, Louisa brings a unique blend of psychological insight and business acumen to her coaching, making her approach especially appealing to CEOs looking to foster a thriving corporate culture.

Louisa is a regular well-being expert on CBC radio and has been featured in leading publications like Forbes, Fast Company, and Oprah Magazine. Her best-selling book, “Wire Your Brain for Confidence: The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt,” is recognized among the top 100 Best Confidence Books of all time. As the founder of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, The Canadian Workplace Well-being Awards, and a sought-after speaker who has captivated over 100,000 people worldwide, Louisa’s pioneering efforts in promoting workplace well-being have positioned her as a key influencer among policy makers and educators across Canada, making her insights invaluable to CEOs.

Louisa was asked to present a full-day workshop to our leadership group on Building Resiliency. Louisa’s professionalism, expertise, engaging and interactive style, together with a unique sense of humor made the day not only very enjoyable and worthwhile, but very informative. I had many leaders express gratitude and appreciation for the learnings Louisa provided. In addition, prior to the workshop Louisa was very accommodating and flexible, working behind the scenes to help make the day productive. If you are looking to educate staff or leaders on the topic of building resiliency, I would definitely not hesitate in recommending using Louisa as your facilitator. You will not be disappointed.
– Christopher Cecchini, Vice President, Employee Experience and Chief Human Resources Officer, Southlake Regional Health Centre


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