Mary Whittle - Advisor

Mary Whittle

ESG Strategy & Plan Development
Sustainability Workshops for Leaders & Board of Directors
Advisory on Building a Sustainable, Resilient business

With over 35 years in the technology sector, Mary has ushered in many of the most innovative – and often disruptive – technology-driven changes to business and society. Yet she believes nothing that’s come before compares to the disruption we’re facing due to the climate crisis. Asset classes and business models will be radically affected and how we live our lives, grow our food and protect our homes and buildings will be significantly redefined. This realization spurred a refocus of her IT consultancy toward Sustainability – ESG with a priority on Climate Crisis action.

Mary has taken hundreds of hours of education in Sustainability, Circular Economy, Carbon Accounting and Reporting, including at the board level, to become board certified in ESG and Climate-specific Governance.

The ESG environment is ever-changing and complex, especially the regulatory environment, and few organizations have the resources qualified to establish and execute transition plans. This is particularly true in smaller and medium-sized organizations, for whom the ESG requirements appear daunting and distressing.

Strategic Innovation Matters addresses this by developing tools, templates and technology, right-sized for SMB, to help organizations plan their ESG and Sustainability policies, to establish their climate strategy and to map their journey to Net Zero. Engagement services include facilitating workshops for leaders and board of directors, strategic consulting including speaking sessions, and leveraging START NØW, a platform designed to aid organizations in undertaking their climate journey in a self-serve, self-paced environment.

As an experienced global corporate executive, consultant and 3-time entrepreneur in the IT industry, Mary has a unique perspective and the experience to guide organizations through the significant change required to build a sustainable and more resilient business.

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