Victoria Rivera

Chief Wellness Officer Services
Workplace Wellness

Victoria Rivera is a licensed wellness psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience. Based in New York City, she runs a private practice and a corporate wellness consultancy. An alumna of Colgate and Columbia Universities, Victoria helps high-achieving individuals and progressive organizations enhance well-being, productivity, and purpose through holistic, science-based methods.

Victoria has collaborated with companies like PayPal, Thomson Reuters, and Ballet Hispanico to create customized wellness programs. Her expertise includes psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, health coaching, and employee wellness. She excels at turning individual therapy insights into corporate wellness strategies.

Success Story:
I recently had the opportunity to work with a company to provide my signature mental health wellness pop-up, designed to enhance employee well-being and productivity. The program included a powerful morning meditation, one-on-one wellness chats, an interactive workshop on preventing workplace burnout, and a transformative mindfulness presentation.

Despite it being a busy workday, most employees participated in the group activities and engaged enthusiastically in conversations about mental health, wellness, and workplace stress. The one-on-one wellness chats were particularly popular, with many employees eager to discuss issues such as work-life balance, finding a therapist, and improving sleep. I was able to offer personalized advice and refer them to appropriate resources to continue their wellness journeys.

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