James Bonar - Advisor

James Bonar

Leadership Development
Trusted Sounding Board  &
Coach to CEOs and C-Suite

After three decades of senior executive leadership in Canada and the United States, James Bonar founded the Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership Inc. in 2014 to optimize board and management performance through purpose in an increasingly AI-entangled world. We define purposeful leadership as an ethical choice principled leaders make to achieve something greater than themselves and the companies they lead.

Purposeful Leadership and Responsible AI together enable management to strategize and make decisions in the face of volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous legal and regulatory requirements; geopolitical forces; employee needs; customer expectations; suppliers, and other stakeholders. For some businesses, AI is far more than an efficiency play; it is existential.

“The Bonar Institute for Purposeful Leadership Inc. has significantly optimized the performance of our senior management team and members of our board. Their innovative strategies and practical methods were seamlessly integrated into our daily management practices, yielding outstanding results. I wholeheartedly recommend the Bonar Institute to any organization aiming to enhance their board and senior management team’s performance through purposeful and ethical leadership.”
– Flagg Flanagan, CEO and Chairman of the Board, DiscGenics Inc.

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