Kelly Davies - Advisor

Kelly Davies

Executive Coaching
Leadership DevelopmentĀ 
Leader and Team Facilitation

Executive coach, talent strategist and facilitator, Kelly Davies is passionate about developing leaders, teams and organizations to achieve focused, powerful and relevant results, while supporting them as they navigate ever-changing global business environments. Throughout her career she has created enduring impact across a variety of complex global organizations (OMERS, Teachers’ (OTPP), Rogers and TELUS) recognizing that the differentiator to sustainable success comes through the continued growth of people and ensuring that approaches and solutions are strategically aligned, integrated and actionable.

Kelly is a certified practitioner in a variety of assessment tools that help leaders and teams uncover insights that amplify strengths, enhance performance and unlock potential. These include SuccessFinder, Hogan Assessment Systems, Leadership Circle Profile 360 (LCP360), Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) assessment systems and Resilience at Work (R@W).

“Kelly has been an invaluable support and resource as I reached new levels of leadership in my career — and I can honestly say I doubt I would’ve accelerated my career as quickly to c-level today, were it not for her sharp insight and guiding hand through critical points in my career. I loved her commitment to learning, as she often brought new frameworks and tools into our conversations, and felt she was phenomenal in creating a safe space for the hard problems of the day, month, year. You’ll not find a more supportive cheerleader and coach in your corner! 100% recommend you partner with Kelly if you are looking for a secret weapon to supercharging your career (and also enjoying the ride)!”
– Candy Lee, former CMO, Homebase

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