Michael Ehling - Advisor

Michael Ehling

Aligning Leadership Teams
to Navigate Stages of Growth
Organizational Health

Your company has done well and is ready to jump to the next stage of growth. But internal and external obstacles that weren’t a problem before are rearing up, making things harder. You’re not alone. Every growing company hits spots where what got them here can’t help them go further. We can fix that. I help CEOs and their teams assess, align around, and overcome these obstacles. I work with them–individually and as a team–to tap into strengths they don’t know they have. This strategic approach–coupled with a focus on cadence, roles, and operations– optimizes leadership team performance, promotes organizational health, and spurs growth.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with a range of CEOs and teams from stable startups to billion-dollar businesses. Clients refer to me as their Wendy Rhoades, Ted Lasso, business therapist, catalyst, or–in one case–honorary founder and partner. My inside-outsider status helps you get relevant perspective. I bring business acumen, proven tools, fun, and a deep understanding of–and belief in–people and their power to lead.

Success Story:
The CEO and senior team of a mid-sized professional services firm were enjoying their company’s recent growth and wanting more. But they were in the weeds. With so much on their plates, they couldn’t agree on how to handle everyday issues let alone set strategic direction. Starting with interviews, leadership assessments, and an organizational health (or “readiness for growth”) check, I helped them clarify direction, roles, and cadence. We worked on growing their leadership strength, building their middle management team, and improving their sales while preserving the secret sauce that makes them uniquely competitive. As a result, they were able to continue growing at a healthy rate while successfully weathering market upheavals and industry change.

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