Oliver Baezner - Advisor

Oliver Baezner

Strategy – Find your “North Star”
Culture – How Things are Done
Change – Make the Shift

Oliver is the founder and owner of Sonic Breakthrough Coaching. Oliver spent over 30 years in
leadership and senior management roles, specializing in business turn-around with some of
Canada’s largest corporations including Energizer Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart.
Oliver has worked with a variety of well-known clients, including the Calgary Flames, the Federal
Government, as well as executives, business owners and their teams in over four dozen industries.
He is also a Managing Partner with Alto Partners Global, specializing in executive search and a
chair for MacKay CEO Forums.

Business leaders face a variety of barriers to achieving the next level of excellence and success. Oliver’s business Sonic Coaching has a proven, successful approach and track record for helping business owners and leaders focus on their three critical success areas:

•Strategy – Create a ‘North Star’ so everyone feels empowered to achieve their goals.
•Culture – Not just what’s on the wall, but how things are done; do they align?
•Change – Focus on the science of why people do what they do, and how to make the shift.

As a decentralized company, we faced significant challenges in ensuring our General Managers fully understood their accountability, decision-making capacity, and leadership roles. Sonic Coaching has been instrumental in transforming our organization. Through their sessions, our General Managers gained a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities and were equipped with the necessary tools to excel during a time of significant change throughout the company. This empowerment directly contributed to the growth and success of our individual branches and the organization as a whole.

Oliver’s expertise was also pivotal in helping our executive team gel and build strong, effective relationships with an improved understanding of each other’s communication needs. His guidance fostered a cohesive and collaborative environment, enabling our leadership to function more effectively as an aligned team.

By addressing these concerns, we took significant steps toward improving our workplace culture. Thanks to Sonic Coaching, we are on our way to becoming an “Employer of Choice” in our industry and in the communities that we serve. We continue to work closely with them to grow and enhance our organizational excellence.
— Tom Jezersek, President & COO, Pacific Western Transportation

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