Sangeeta Breininger - Advisor

Sangeeta Breininger

Leadership Growth Coach
Executive Coach
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Predictive Index Master Practitioner

Sangeeta is a seasoned Leadership Growth Coach, Executive Coach, and Speaker, serving as a Partner at BGR Strategic Growth Coaching Inc. With a focus on enhancing organizational performance and achieving sustainable results, she passionately applies The Pinnacle Principle to empower senior leaders to reach new heights, with a specific emphasis on its focus area of People.

Driven by her commitment to integrity and guided by her profound business acumen, Sangeeta’s mission is rooted in her Why: “to do things the right way.” She combines this ethos with her expertise to help clients gain clarity, embrace simplicity, and take decisive action.

Drawing on her extensive experience and certification in Core Energy Leadership, Sangeeta helps her clients seamlessly integrate purpose-driven strategies into BGR’s comprehensive leadership development and executive coaching programs. Recognizing the universal desire for inspiration in the workplace, she leverages her research and hands-on experience to catalyze tangible, measurable outcomes.

Prior to her role at BGR, Sangeeta amassed over 26 years of experience in the Canadian fitness industry and other leading sectors. Renowned for her adeptness in business management, operations, and sales, she earned acclaim as a turnaround specialist for underperforming locations.

Sangeeta is an inspiring, intelligent, focused, and highly valuable trainer and coach. I have seen firsthand the positive impact her training and coaching has had on leadership teams within organizations. Sangeeta’s Next Generation Leadership Program is an excellent program filled with insightful, meaningful content that is research-based and highly practical. This program resulted in significant improvements within team dynamics, the direction and focus of the company as a whole and greatly contributed to building a more solid company culture! The one-on-one coaching sessions with Sangeeta successfully allowed me to further refine my goal setting, make a plan of action, discuss opportunities, and build my skill set to continue a journey of lifelong learning. I would highly recommend Sangeeta!
– Michele Resnik – Chief Experience Officer at Electromate

Sangeeta’s coaching has been instrumental in my professional growth and the success of Ottawa Carleton Lifeskills. Her empathetic listening skills fostered an environment where I felt genuinely heard and supported. Sangeeta provided concrete coaching examples tailored to my specific challenges, making complex concepts easily understandable and actionable. Throughout our coaching journey, her commitment to continuity ensured that previous discussions were followed up on, and she skillfully refocused my thoughts when necessary, keeping me on track towards my goals. Sangeeta’s flexibility in accommodating my schedule and her availability between sessions for questions and support formed a solid bond between us. I highly recommend her services.
Kim Caron, Director of Operations, Ottawa Carleton Lifeskills

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